Cause of the explosion SpaceX rocket fixed

Elon Musk confirmed that SpaceX engineers finally found the cause of the September 9th Falcon rocket explosion. The explosion then destroyed the rocket standing on the launch platform. It was supposed to bring the new satellite to the orbit of the new telecommunications satellite.

For the American concern this is a serious blow to the image, especially since this is another situation that has happened in recent months. So the company had to do everything to discover the cause of the explosion and to make sure that this event did not happen again.

Engineers have been searching for the cause of the crash for months, until they finally reached full success. As explained by Elon Musk, the explosion was caused by a problem that never happened before in the history of rocket construction. A few days ago there were reports that the failure could have involved three carbon helium reservoirs and placed in the main fuel tank. Liquid oxygen, when transported to the second stage of the rocket, changed the state of focus to solid, and this caused a series of explosions, which resulted in the destruction of the entire racket.