New models of Be quiet power supplies!

Be quiet !, a well-known manufacturer of branded power supplies, is expanding its Dark Power Pro 11 family of three new models to include three earlier devices launched in May. The new models are designed for less demanding sets and feature 550, 650 and 750 W power.

A good power supply is the foundation for a proper computer operation, many of whom, unfortunately, are unaware of it, buying the cheapest model, and then wondering if the PC shuts down under load. It is always a good idea to buy branded equipment and Be quiet!

In May, the manufacturer introduced three models of the 850, 1000, and 1200 W models of the Dark Power Pro 11, which are designed for the most powerful computers, and now complement the three 550, 650 and 750 W models aimed at the weaker.

Although power supplies are smaller, their functionality compared to the more expensive models is on the same level. So here we have a modular cable management system, a temperature controlled fan and an overclocking key system. The power supply offers four independent 12 V power lines, and its efficiency with the 80 Plus Platinium certification is up to 94 percent.

It is cooled by the SilentWings 2 135 mm diameter fan. To reduce the noise produced by rotating blades, their shape was modified, and a modern 6-polar motor was used. In addition, the fan starts working at 220 RPM, and to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the computer’s enclosure, the power supply housing is equipped with rubber bands that suppress them.

Power supplies are equipped with top-notch components, including Japanese capacitors, which are high strength and are capable of operating at temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius.

Standby devices consume a lot of power

British households use far more electricity than estimated, partly because of their standby equipment, according to a report by the Energy Saving Trust, which describes BBC News.

It turns out that 16% Energy bills are the result of the power supply in standby mode. It is estimated that home energy consumption translates into more than a quarter of British carbon dioxide emissions.

The power consumption of standby devices is twice that of previous models. Earlier it was said 8 percent, “explained report author Dr. Paul Owen. This is not just a traditional red LED on standby TVs. “We speak of equipment that is in a state of alertness, but also those that are idle because they do not do what they are designed for,” Owen emphasized.

In modern homes there are an average of 41 devices, compared to a dozen in the 70s of last century.

In the annual survey commissioned by EST, the UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Energy and climate change took part in 250 households.

One of the surprising discoveries was the level of energy consumption in homes inhabited by individuals – it is the same and sometimes higher than for whole families, “said Dr. Owen.

The report also identifies the different habits of the respondents, such as the use of washing machines. “Usually washing machines are used 300 times a year, but there are also those who wash three times a day,” the researcher said.

Environment Minister Lord Taylor pointed out that neither the British government nor the British were able to control the rising costs of energy but could make it more efficient. “Our study shows that you can save up to £ 85 off appliances without leaving them in standby mode. Some savings can be made by yourself, being more sensitive to energy consumption, “he explained.

Dr. Owen also pointed out that in the future, it may be important to increase the popularity of electric vehicles and that they will need to find room for home energy consumption.