The floating basket clears the ocean from the trash

Pollution of our environment is not limited to land and water is more and more frequent. There are thousands of tons of rubbish in the oceans that need to be removed. Two Australian surfers have developed a technology called Seabin that can solve this problem.

Seabin is, to a great extent, a floating trash can, which is placed in the air of water in ports and bays. It was designed to filter the water flowing through it, thus collecting trash or floating oil spots.

The system functions in a similar way to water filters installed in domestic aquariums, so it has a built-in pump that draws water, which then flows through a removable container made of fine mesh. Water goes back to the ocean, but all the impurities and debris in it are deposited in the tank. Seabin can also install a water-to-oil separator system, which will allow seawater to be purified from the fats and all sorts of detergents that get there.

Engineers ensure that it is completely safe for marine creatures, because during four years of testing, no one has fallen into the tank.