Apple is working on a digital license plate

Each vehicle must have a registration plate that defines its owner. Currently, it is a piece of sheet metal with printed characters, but in the future the license plate may look very different, and it will be Apple’s concern, which is supposed to start working on its digital version.

Apple has been working on its first electric car for some time. Although the project is still not officially announced, but it is no longer a mystery and subsequent reports of recruitment by automotive industry experts only confirm this.

Of course, in addition to the car itself, the Californian company is also working on other automotive related projects, and one of them is particularly interesting. The media reports that the Cupertino-based company Rónán Ó Braonáin, a former engineer at Reviver, specializes in the production of digital license plates. Apple apparently wants to use his knowledge to create such a board for his own car, because he offered him a position in the special projects department.

Arrays will have wireless connectivity so that uniformed services will be immediately informed of a stolen vehicle or if the arrays will expire. In addition, they can be useful in car lending systems, and then several people can legally own the vehicle, and each of them will use their own unique number. Depending on who is driving the vehicle, the corresponding numbers and letters will appear on his license plate.