Can hackers take control of the plane?

Recently, there have been some loud crash disasters, but it can not be ruled out that there will be much more in the future. It turns out that for many years on Boeing aircraft there is a gap that with the on-board WiFi allows hackers to take complete control of the machine.

Although statistically, the airplane is the safest means of transport, it is only because hackers do not want to play the game. Although they can do this without much trouble, using the onboard WiFi network for this purpose.

A few years ago, the Federal Aviation Administration warned Boeing and Airbus of the potential risk of hackers taking control of their machines. And it seems that the companies have completely ignored these warnings, as the gap is still present in the 787 Dreamliner Boeing as well as the Airbus A350 and A380.

In short, WiFi intended for use by passengers uses the same network as the avionics responsible for controlling the aircraft. This makes it possible for the hacker to take over the navigation system and, in the worst case, control over the whole plane.

According to the report of the Government Office for Responsibility, the hacker would first have to overcome the firewall separating the WiFi from the avionics systems. For a good specialist, however, this will not be a great obstacle, so experts suggest that the two systems should be completely separated from each other.