Easter Eggs in Tesla cars

Engineers Tesla Motors also have a sense of humor. The latest software update of US car company has stitched so-called. Easter Eggs. These are options for very interesting features.

Software manufacturers very often end up calling it so. Easter Eggs, which are small and often funny jokes, whose unlocking requires several specific actions. Such jokes were also implemented in Tesla Motors vehicles, and appeared in them along with the last system software update.

Owners of Model X can run a secret show of lights, changing the SUV into a big disco ball. To activate this mode, press the Tesla icon on the screen for 5 seconds, and then enter the word Holiday on the code screen. Then exit the vehicle to close the door. Auto will then start flashing lights, waving doors and playing music from the onboard audio system. You can see it all on the video above.

New noise standard for hybrids and electric cars

The American National Road Safety Council has announced a new safety standard for electric and hybrid car noise. They must be much louder when moving at low speed.

Electric cars and hybrid cars have many advantages, and the biggest one is the cheaper use of such cars with much lower power costs. Unfortunately, these vehicles also have a significant disadvantage, namely they are very quiet.

Cars moving by electric motors are virtually silent. This is extremely dangerous for pedestrians crossing the street who simply do not hear the approaching car. Contrary to appearances, this is a very serious problem. According to official statistics, in the United States, where such vehicles are very popular, for this reason, the injury is 2400 people per year.

The National Road Safety Council has announced the creation of new safety standards that will force manufacturers of these types of vehicles to equip them with additional systems that will alert pedestrians with a speed of up to 30 km / h. At higher speeds, these systems no longer need to work, as officials are convinced that wind noise and rolling tires should be sufficiently audible for pedestrians.