LVL headband will ensure proper hydration of the body

Kickstarter appeared another gadget useful for people who take care of their own condition. The LVL not only monitors physical activity, but also helps to properly hydrate the body.

Every athlete who performs physical exercise must remember to replenish fluids in the body. This is not easy, as it is not enough to drink water after exercise. You need to know at what times you can do it and in what quantity. Fortunately, we have at our disposal modern technology that can do it for us.

One such device is LVL, a device that has just appeared on Kickstarter and is aimed at athletes, as well as people who exercise to maintain fitness.

The product is a fitness belt that not only measures physical activity, but also analyzes sleep, mood and is equipped with a heart rate monitor. It also has a technology that monitors the level of hydration of the body as well as the expulsion of fluid by sweating. Thanks to special sensors, it provides tips on when to make fluids. In addition, it collects data on the distance traveled, measures the number of steps,