Hackers blackmail Apple

The Turkish Crime Family hacker group claims to have several hundred million logins and passwords for iCloud and several other services. He demands from the US ransom company, because otherwise he will erase the user files contained there.

The CIA affair, which Wikileaks has revealed, has become increasingly widespread. Published documents point to many loopholes in popular software. Among the companies listed in the above mentioned documents is Apple, which already has a lot of problems.

The hacking group called Turkish Crime Family is blackmailing the American corporation, demanding a $ 150,000 ransom from him. Otherwise, it could harm users using Cupertino equipment. Hackers claim to have logins and passwords and email addresses for over 627 million accounts in the service,. and

If they do not get the money, they threaten to erase all user data. To prove that they are telling the truth, they posted in a video network showing how they log in to one of Apple’s accounts. However, the American company claims that hackers have not broken her protections and are not going to pay for the hack.