Easter Eggs in Tesla cars

Engineers Tesla Motors also have a sense of humor. The latest software update of US car company has stitched so-called. Easter Eggs. These are options for very interesting features.

Software manufacturers very often end up calling it so. Easter Eggs, which are small and often funny jokes, whose unlocking requires several specific actions. Such jokes were also implemented in Tesla Motors vehicles, and appeared in them along with the last system software update.

Owners of Model X can run a secret show of lights, changing the SUV into a big disco ball. To activate this mode, press the Tesla icon on the screen for 5 seconds, and then enter the word Holiday on the code screen. Then exit the vehicle to close the door. Auto will then start flashing lights, waving doors and playing music from the onboard audio system. You can see it all on the video above.

Can hackers take control of the plane?

Recently, there have been some loud crash disasters, but it can not be ruled out that there will be much more in the future. It turns out that for many years on Boeing aircraft there is a gap that with the on-board WiFi allows hackers to take complete control of the machine.

Although statistically, the airplane is the safest means of transport, it is only because hackers do not want to play the game. Although they can do this without much trouble, using the onboard WiFi network for this purpose.

A few years ago, the Federal Aviation Administration warned Boeing and Airbus of the potential risk of hackers taking control of their machines. And it seems that the companies have completely ignored these warnings, as the gap is still present in the 787 Dreamliner Boeing as well as the Airbus A350 and A380.

In short, WiFi intended for use by passengers uses the same network as the avionics responsible for controlling the aircraft. This makes it possible for the hacker to take over the navigation system and, in the worst case, control over the whole plane.

According to the report of the Government Office for Responsibility, the hacker would first have to overcome the firewall separating the WiFi from the avionics systems. For a good specialist, however, this will not be a great obstacle, so experts suggest that the two systems should be completely separated from each other.

Hackers blackmail Apple

The Turkish Crime Family hacker group claims to have several hundred million logins and passwords for iCloud and several other services. He demands from the US ransom company, because otherwise he will erase the user files contained there.

The CIA affair, which Wikileaks has revealed, has become increasingly widespread. Published documents point to many loopholes in popular software. Among the companies listed in the above mentioned documents is Apple, which already has a lot of problems.

The hacking group called Turkish Crime Family is blackmailing the American corporation, demanding a $ 150,000 ransom from him. Otherwise, it could harm users using Cupertino equipment. Hackers claim to have logins and passwords and email addresses for over 627 million accounts in the service,. and

If they do not get the money, they threaten to erase all user data. To prove that they are telling the truth, they posted in a video network showing how they log in to one of Apple’s accounts. However, the American company claims that hackers have not broken her protections and are not going to pay for the hack.

Electric wheel for the army

American special units will soon be moving even more quietly and it will be harder to detect them. Soon they will receive equipment, electric field motorbike.

Zero Motorcycles has developed a paddle for the military, which has the advantage of completely silent operation, achieved by installing an electric motor.

The machine is powered by interchangeable battery packs, has a keyless startup system and the ability to dim the headlight. With batteries running fast and almost silent, regardless of terrain. Its advantage is the ability to quickly replace the battery and ride through the water obstacles even up to a meter.

Of course, as a military equipment, it is covered with black matte paint and accelerates to over 130 kilometers per hour, and its advantage is a much smaller heat signature, making it harder for the soldier to detect.

New models of Be quiet power supplies!

Be quiet !, a well-known manufacturer of branded power supplies, is expanding its Dark Power Pro 11 family of three new models to include three earlier devices launched in May. The new models are designed for less demanding sets and feature 550, 650 and 750 W power.

A good power supply is the foundation for a proper computer operation, many of whom, unfortunately, are unaware of it, buying the cheapest model, and then wondering if the PC shuts down under load. It is always a good idea to buy branded equipment and Be quiet!

In May, the manufacturer introduced three models of the 850, 1000, and 1200 W models of the Dark Power Pro 11, which are designed for the most powerful computers, and now complement the three 550, 650 and 750 W models aimed at the weaker.

Although power supplies are smaller, their functionality compared to the more expensive models is on the same level. So here we have a modular cable management system, a temperature controlled fan and an overclocking key system. The power supply offers four independent 12 V power lines, and its efficiency with the 80 Plus Platinium certification is up to 94 percent.

It is cooled by the SilentWings 2 135 mm diameter fan. To reduce the noise produced by rotating blades, their shape was modified, and a modern 6-polar motor was used. In addition, the fan starts working at 220 RPM, and to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the computer’s enclosure, the power supply housing is equipped with rubber bands that suppress them.

Power supplies are equipped with top-notch components, including Japanese capacitors, which are high strength and are capable of operating at temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius.

LVL headband will ensure proper hydration of the body

Kickstarter appeared another gadget useful for people who take care of their own condition. The LVL not only monitors physical activity, but also helps to properly hydrate the body.

Every athlete who performs physical exercise must remember to replenish fluids in the body. This is not easy, as it is not enough to drink water after exercise. You need to know at what times you can do it and in what quantity. Fortunately, we have at our disposal modern technology that can do it for us.

One such device is LVL, a device that has just appeared on Kickstarter and is aimed at athletes, as well as people who exercise to maintain fitness.

The product is a fitness belt that not only measures physical activity, but also analyzes sleep, mood and is equipped with a heart rate monitor. It also has a technology that monitors the level of hydration of the body as well as the expulsion of fluid by sweating. Thanks to special sensors, it provides tips on when to make fluids. In addition, it collects data on the distance traveled, measures the number of steps,

Cause of the explosion SpaceX rocket fixed

Elon Musk confirmed that SpaceX engineers finally found the cause of the September 9th Falcon rocket explosion. The explosion then destroyed the rocket standing on the launch platform. It was supposed to bring the new satellite to the orbit of the new telecommunications satellite.

For the American concern this is a serious blow to the image, especially since this is another situation that has happened in recent months. So the company had to do everything to discover the cause of the explosion and to make sure that this event did not happen again.

Engineers have been searching for the cause of the crash for months, until they finally reached full success. As explained by Elon Musk, the explosion was caused by a problem that never happened before in the history of rocket construction. A few days ago there were reports that the failure could have involved three carbon helium reservoirs and placed in the main fuel tank. Liquid oxygen, when transported to the second stage of the rocket, changed the state of focus to solid, and this caused a series of explosions, which resulted in the destruction of the entire racket.

Apple is working on a digital license plate

Each vehicle must have a registration plate that defines its owner. Currently, it is a piece of sheet metal with printed characters, but in the future the license plate may look very different, and it will be Apple’s concern, which is supposed to start working on its digital version.

Apple has been working on its first electric car for some time. Although the project is still not officially announced, but it is no longer a mystery and subsequent reports of recruitment by automotive industry experts only confirm this.

Of course, in addition to the car itself, the Californian company is also working on other automotive related projects, and one of them is particularly interesting. The media reports that the Cupertino-based company Rónán Ó Braonáin, a former engineer at Reviver, specializes in the production of digital license plates. Apple apparently wants to use his knowledge to create such a board for his own car, because he offered him a position in the special projects department.

Arrays will have wireless connectivity so that uniformed services will be immediately informed of a stolen vehicle or if the arrays will expire. In addition, they can be useful in car lending systems, and then several people can legally own the vehicle, and each of them will use their own unique number. Depending on who is driving the vehicle, the corresponding numbers and letters will appear on his license plate.

Boeing translates its debut taxi cab

NASA’s shutdown of the shuttle program has made the Russian rocket the only way to reach the International Space Station. Consortiums like SpaceX and Boaing had to change that, but it turned out that it would have to wait a bit longer.

Boeing engineers are currently working on the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft to bring supplies and astronauts to the ISS, but technical issues have made the vehicle much more available than expected. Initially planned to finish it next year, but Boeing representatives have just stated that it will not be able to do it earlier than next year.

This means that NASA’s only hope of becoming independent from the Russians is SpaceX, a consortium owned by Elon Musk, who works on Dragon’s manned capsule. If it can keep up with the completion date of the vehicles, the company will make a good start, as it will be the only US company capable of manned orbiter flights.

The floating basket clears the ocean from the trash

Pollution of our environment is not limited to land and water is more and more frequent. There are thousands of tons of rubbish in the oceans that need to be removed. Two Australian surfers have developed a technology called Seabin that can solve this problem.

Seabin is, to a great extent, a floating trash can, which is placed in the air of water in ports and bays. It was designed to filter the water flowing through it, thus collecting trash or floating oil spots.

The system functions in a similar way to water filters installed in domestic aquariums, so it has a built-in pump that draws water, which then flows through a removable container made of fine mesh. Water goes back to the ocean, but all the impurities and debris in it are deposited in the tank. Seabin can also install a water-to-oil separator system, which will allow seawater to be purified from the fats and all sorts of detergents that get there.

Engineers ensure that it is completely safe for marine creatures, because during four years of testing, no one has fallen into the tank.